Brel, bi-directioneel

Hey Everyone,

I have BLEQ 35-6-24 bi-directional tilt & lift motors installed in my window blinds.
The Brel home hub (DD-7002B) is installed & functions perfectly on my phone when adjusting the position & tilt angles.
However, within the Brel app on Homey, there doesn’t seem to be any support to adjust the tilt angle.
Which I found very strange since the Brel phone app does support this.
Can someone help me?
Can I use a different app in combination with the Brel motors?

In parallel I contacted Brel themselves, still pending for their response.
Thank you in advance



Hi Joost,

You can try the motion blinds app. Brel and Motion blinds are using the hardware.



Thanks Harry!
I now found a way to connect it to the Motionblinds app.
Wasn’t having my smartest of moments yesterday :sweat_smile:


I recently had contact with Brel, w.r.t. their app on Homey.
Currently it only supports a position change on venetian blinds.
I’ve got a tilt & lift motor (BLEQ 35-6-24) installed in my blinds.
So currently I use motionblinds app to control my blinds.
However, this doesn’t always function properly, some blinds will not follow the command, others will do something slightly different, it drives me crazy.
Brel requested my to check with the app creator if they could include the position & angle values within the Brel app on Homey.
Where do I find that person and how should this be done?
I’ve got a mail conversation ( in dutch) from them which I could forward for more background information

See in the shop the link in the App description: Community [Bezoek forum »] ([APP][Pro] Motion Blinds) and also name of the Developer and Support info.

I am the original developer for the Motion Blinds app. However, I no longer own a Homey, and I only own Motion Blinds hardware, no Brell. For this reason, and various others, I am no longer able to develop the app. Therefore I transferred the ownership to another developer.

Having said that: Brel is mostly compatible, but not exactly the same as Motion Blinds. So I’m happy if it works, and did try to mitigate a few known incompatibilities, but even for the new developer it is probably not doable to make everything work for Brel hardware too.

Your best bet is therefore to ask the owners official Brel app to fix things. They own the right equipment to develop and test it properly.

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