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Brel, bi-directioneel

Thanks Edwin, the Brel TDBU works great with the current version, I will try to install the test version

I’m getting a lot of crash reports from people trying to use Brel with the Motion app version 1.1.7. I do not know who they are, so I can not reach them.

Please use the above mentioned version 1.1.18 or higher of the Motion app that is currently in test, that one is fixed so it won’t crash if used with Brel hub and motors. I submitted that version for production last Thursday, but Athom is taking its time approving it.

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Hi Edwin, after installing the test version my app was automatically updated to 1.1.9 (4 days ago) and then to 1.2.0 on the same day.

No issues so far.

Yes, I had some other minor changes as well. Good to hear it all works as intended.