Brel, bi-directioneel

I’ve made a start and figured out the requests towards the HUB to support it, based on similar opensource applications.
However it seems like Homey does not support the device capabilities of TDBU-type window coverings. The following capabilities are supported for window coverings:

  • windowcoverings_state # devices that can only be controlled via up/down and stop commands
  • windowcoverings_tilt_up # tilting of blinds, such as Venetian blinds
  • windowcoverings_tilt_state # tilting of blinds, such as Venetian blinds
  • windowcoverings_tilt_down # tilting of blinds, such as Venetian blinds
  • windowcoverings_closed # closing blinds(?), not sure why this exists since set/state can be used for this as well.
  • windowcoverings_set # devices that support a precise open/close level

So I’m guessing this is the same limitation that Brel is facing when implementing it in their cloud app.

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You can create custom capabilities if so required.

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I don’t know if het helps, but i found this link some time ago with some api documentation. Looks like same hub.

Maybe the TDBU system can be seen as two single blinds (motors). Blind 1 is the upper part and blind 2 is the bottom part. Blind1 open and Blind 2 close will close the Blind completly. Blind 1 on 30% and Blind 2 on 70% closes only the middel part etc.

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Thanks for the documentation, man it would’ve helped if i found this sooner.
I think your approach sounds about right, the only feature that you wouldn’t have is the capability to adjust the top&down part in 1 slider. But i guess that’s a nice-to-have.

1 important question i have, since the documentation is contradicting an example that i’m following: does your TDBU device pop-up when you try it add the rollerblind with my app (please use the master branch)?

Any chance you could join the Homey Communities’ Slack? Would be easier to collaborate:

I have send you a DM via Slack. I couldn’t find a device when I try to add it as rollerblind.

According to the documentation @Harry shared, it turns out that these Brel blinds are simply yet another re-brand of commonly used blind motors, originally developed by Coulisse B.V. under the name Motion Blinds. It turns out that a Homey app already exists (thx to @Edwin_D)for this brand to use the Hub locally, which also works fine for Brel blinds (including TDBU):

Community topic:

Based on some other references, i think it is quite likely this app also will work for the brands:

  • Dooya
  • Bloc Blinds
  • Hornbach

i guess i can delete my project :man_facepalming:

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Those who want to try the Brel with the Motion Blinds app, you should have version 1.1.8 or higher. Version 1.1.7 crashes due to incompatibilities in the Brel bridge implementation.
The version that fixes it is currently in test and awaiting approval for production, but Athom is taking its time with that. The Brel roller blinds should work, but the TBDU from Bel and Motion are mechanically very different, so it may work but no guarantees.

Thanks Edwin, the Brel TDBU works great with the current version, I will try to install the test version

I’m getting a lot of crash reports from people trying to use Brel with the Motion app version 1.1.7. I do not know who they are, so I can not reach them.

Please use the above mentioned version 1.1.18 or higher of the Motion app that is currently in test, that one is fixed so it won’t crash if used with Brel hub and motors. I submitted that version for production last Thursday, but Athom is taking its time approving it.

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Hi Edwin, after installing the test version my app was automatically updated to 1.1.9 (4 days ago) and then to 1.2.0 on the same day.

No issues so far.

Yes, I had some other minor changes as well. Good to hear it all works as intended.

I am trying to get my Brel TDBU to work with the Motion Blinds app.
Homey detects my TDBU but I cannot get them to move…
I think I need the AccessToken, but I don’t know how to get it from the Brel Home App (Android).
How do I get the AccessToken?
Thanks for the help in advance!

For the AccessToken you need to open the BREL HOME app. Go to the account setting (right bottom).
Then click 5 times on the version (below Sign Out) and it will show the token. Copy it and past it in the Motion app settings in Homey.

Hi Harry,
Thanks for the reply.
I tried that already and just tried it again, even on an other phone, but that doesn’t work…

This is the version number in the Brel app. Does multiple times clicking not work?

This is the Android version… I clicked it many times, but no luck

If found this in another form.

The key is retreived from the android app (Thanks to Brel support).
Tap 5 times on the rightside of the photo place (4th tab).

This also works for iPhone. Same menu.

That’s it! Thanks!

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Met interesse deze info over aansturing Brel “bi directionele” motoren gelezen.
Ik begrijp dat de wifi hub nodig is voor communicatie met homey.
Mijn vraag moet deze van Brel zijn, zo ja maakt het type hub dan nog uit?
Of kun je ook uit met de goedkopere motionblinds hub?

I understood that both Brel hubs do work with the homey app. I will not be surprised that the motionblinds hub will work with the Brel motor. But I don’t know if someone tried it. If you have a Brel motor, I would advise to start with a BREL hub and the BREL app first. But it looks like the hardware is exactly the same. (Same type id). Maybe you can try it and return the hub if it doesn’t work.