Bosch Siemens Home Connect App

I find that every week at least once I have to repair the devices, do the single signon, piece by piece, to make them connect to Homey again. Except for the dishwasher… could it be that it loses connection when I power off the washing machine and dryer? Or with the weekly restart? It’s indeed irritating…

Hi All
A bit of an update on this, following the comments above and suggestions from Pete. I’ve ruled out memory as the issue. I created the flow to monitor if App or device (dishwasher in this example) became unavailable and it hasn’t triggered once since I enabled it.

However, I now know why, it seems the App has not crashed, it is still running but none of the alerts are triggering. i.e. my usual timeline entry of Dishwasher started, finished etc. had stopped sometime yesterday (I saw the start entry but never received a completed entry - this is normally the sign it has crashed).

What I tried was exceuting this test flow:

And, it still works so the App is still running but alerting has failed. What is interesting is when I restart the App I get the missing timeline entries appear but obviously much later than expected so they must be buffered somewhere.

I’ll try emailing the developer on the address that was posted above.

Any thoughts on this one?

That looks like what my experience has been, it isn’t a memory issue as the app never comes near the limit

That’s January. When I restart the app now, all I seem to get is door open alerts

I’ve just reported the issue directly to Bosch Siemens support. Let’s see what they can find and are able to narrow down the cause. :smiley: It would be great if all these work arounds are not necessary anymore.

I’ve reported directly too so fingers crossed if they get enough reports that will look into it.

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Has anyone had a repsonse yet?

@Darrell_Etherington Unfortunately I have not received any response from Bosch-Siemens yet.

Over the past two years of being in the Beta android program with Bosch all I’ve had have been arguments. Whoever is behind their comms doesn’t like being quizzed

Chased again but still no repsonse, very frustrating as this is supposed to be an Offical App and therefore supported.

Can I suggest everyone continues to chase via the support address to add some extra pressure to get this fixed.

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Did sent a email this week, maybe they will respond.
Have to restart the app every day because otherwise I get no notification if the washing machine or dryer is ready. a
And I don’t get a notification if I open my dryer.
Opening the washing machine works, I get a notification.

Will send again

Just got my Siemens with Smart capabilities a week ago.
Fortunatly, I have not encountered any issues just yet. I like the flow with Device Capabilities and will build one just to monitor it.

It is the monitoring and alerts a number of users are having issues with, the control of applicances does see stable.

I’ve just had the rather disappointing response below which I will follow up on:

While it occurs frequently for some users, I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue yet on the devices I have access to.
The standard Homey error reports do not indicate any issues (they’re generally empty) and any crashes that happen don’t include the extra logging information that I require (Homey platform limitation).

Almost all crashes that occur (and probably the lack of live status updates after X hours) stem from either connection instabilities with the Home Connect services or connection issues between Home Connect and the appliance (“HomeAppliance is offline”). I wish to make the app more resilient against these instabilities, but without the devices & a reproducible example it is challenging to solve this problem within the limited time I have to work on the app.



@Darrell_Etherington Thanks for letting us know.
And excuse me, i totaly missed your answer.

Till now i restart the app every day at 2:30 and all the timeline messages of washing machine or dryer is ready are still received.

Are you getting a notification if you are opening the door of the dryer? or if the door already is open of the dryer?

Hi Mike
Apologies for late reply, I missed the message. Mine is working at moment as I’m restarting the homey Pro every night due to the 10.3 firmware issues with Zigbee so the problem has temporailly gone away. Mine was alerts for Dishwasher and Washing Machine when they start/stop a programme, not tried a door open alert but will try this once the 10.3 issues are fixed and I stop the nightly reboot etc.

@Darrell_Etherington No problem.
I don’t restart my Homey daily so I restart the app.
Door open works only for the washing machine and the dishwasher.
The dryer is not working with door open/close.

That sounds like App specific, have you logged an issue for that make/model of dryer? hopefully developer can add that funcionality for you?

The functionality is already in the flow cards but it is not recognized bij the app.
I have already send a few mails to the developer but did not get any response on my emails.

Only door open/close is not working for the dryer.

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Ok, hopefully he’ll repsond soon, he did take a while to get back to me when I sent him some info.