Bluetooth not working

now for a week bluetooth is not working correctly.

i have 2 switchbot curtains and mi flowers sensors on bluetooth.
around 2-4 after restart of homey bluetooth wil stop working. and get timeout errors or [could_not_find_peripheral].

in the developer menu the bluetooth scan for devices als not working. and after restart it works again for 2-4 hours.

i my homey dying? i have the early 2016 model now.

Did your WiFi channel change? Do you have (many) neighbours with (strong) WiFi?

i did not change wifi channels. Router location did not change.

Closed Bluetooth device are 0,5m away from homey

Same problem for me with bluetooth

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Although it’s strongly nerving and somehow disappointing, it’s relieving to see, that this is a common problem. I’ve experienced out the same issue, that the bluetooth protocol and function respectively is stugging around 6-8 hours after restarting Homey. I use a Homey Pro early 2019.
Hopefully Athom and their developers recognize this as well :man_shrugging:- and not only the users.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hi Albert, it’s best if you inform Athom support with this issue. Go to and scroll down to Customer Support, then follow links.

Hi Peter,
this is exactly what I intended to do in the next few days. Thanks for your advice!