BLE device discovery disconnects from device

I have an issue with listing the services a BLE device publishes in Developer Tools.

  1. I click Discover Devices, and select my device MAC.
  2. I click Connect, and it occasionally works to connect for some short time.
  3. I click Discover Services, the Services shows, but I am quickly disconnected and the list of services disappears.

It seems I am only able to connect for about 5 seconds until I am disconnected. Way too short for me to read and understand the information.

My BLE device: Minew S1 Temperature and Humidity Device.

In general, it also seems to be an issue just listing the discovered devices. The whole list may be purged after some time, just showing “No advertisements”. A click on Discover Devices will again populate the list for some time.

If you look in the system section, do you have a honey3d or homey4d?
My homey4d is really bad with BLE and shows similar issues.

It says homey4d. It’s really annoying if it is a problem with the Homey.

Do you have any BLE devices working with Homey at all?

I have BLE devices working on my homey3d but nothing really works on the homey4d. I reported it to Athom months ago and they are aware of the issues BLE - Connection problem · Issue #245 · athombv/homey-apps-sdk-issues · GitHub

Thanks. I commented on the GitHub issue. Doesn’t seem to be much progress on it though. Annoying.


I am also struggling with the BLE on Homey (EcoControl app), timeouts and errors.

Sent a message to Homey support with a diagnostic report and this is the respond I got from them:

From what I can see in the diagnostics report, the BLE seems to be working correctly on Homey.
The best way to solve your issue is to contact the developer of the app (Taelek: and tell them about the issue you are experiencing. They can tell you more specific why your devices loose the connection frequently and how to solve this issue.

While the developer of EcoControl are saying its problem with the Homey BLE issue. And now I am stuck with five BLE thermostat at home that does not work with Homey :frowning:

Have also homey4d.