BLE bonding with PIN


I’d like to add Homey support for the Aranet4 device.
However the sensor needs to perform BLE bonding with PIN (it shows a PIN and you need to type it in a textbox on phones etc.) to access some data characteristics. In the current documentation I don’t see any mention of secure BLE bonding.
Is there currently support for this? Is support planned in the future?

From what I know, it’s not possible. BLE pairing using a PIN is called “legacy pairing”, I doubt that it will ever be implemented for Homey.

This begs the question - has any type of BLE pairing support been mentioned by the Homey team?

Pairing are already implemented, but from what I know, the only pairing method available is the kind that doesn’t require interaction other than putting the device in pairing mode (“LE Secure Connections”).