How to remove BLE pairing?

Firmware: 6.1.0.

Hi. I connected a BLE device using Homey Developer. From the remote device, I initiated bonding which succeeded. Then I removed the bonding from the remote device. Now every time when connecting again, Homey wants to use the pairing key (LTK) negotiated earlier. The remote device rejects this key and Homey then disconnects.

The problem is that I see no settings menu or something where I can remove earlier bonded devices. There is also no API to remove bonds what I can see. So for now I’m locked out from ever connecting to that device again I suppose. Maybe a factory reset will solve it, but I don’t want to do that.

I can only give you my info, I never paired a BLE device via the developer page.
I added a BT beacon using Beacon app
Then it’s a device in a zone.
I created flows with it.
Removing this device again, removes it from the flows also

That’s another thing. I’m talking about bonding on the Bluetooth level, which I could initiate and complete from the remote side.

To be honest, it sounds like a bug. I wouldn’t expect Homey to respond to pairing requests, only to initiate them.

Try sending an e-mail to