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Best way to combine z-wave and normal wall switches

I’m renewing the electrical wiring in my house and will add z-wave as well, but I do not want to rely on z-wave alone. That means that I want my light switches to work both with a normal wall switch and remotely through z-wave. The wall switch should also work if my z-wave controller does not work anymore. Two questions:

  • What is the best way to set that up
  • Can I also make that work with a z-wave dimmer so that I can dim light through the controller?

I’d be very thankful for any ideas

One way will be:
Buy Fibaro Dimmers or switches. Attach some “pulsdrukkers” to them and ur good to go. U can control them with Homey (Zwave) and/or just push the button when u feel like it. With this u have smart buttons and “normal” buttons in 1!

Hey Chris, as Roco said above, one way is to fit switches and dimmers behind the wall switch plate. In this way you can use all your lights including dimming them even if the controller is completely disconnected.

When I started my home Automation I was of the same principle, must work even if controller is dead. So I fitted Fibaro and Aeotec dimmers and switches and I kept the existing toggle wall switches but then later on down the track I replace those toggle switches with momentary switches. They work really well with dimmers especially.
And gave me a good solid z-wave mesh.

I have one of these in use:
Works great. Touch for on/off (this also works stand-alone if not connected to a hub or when hub is offline) or remote via Homey (or other z-wave hub). Very cheap. Also available in single switch.
Alas it doesn’t work for “hotel” switches (ie one below and one upstairs that control the same bulb).
And you have to supply a blue wire in the wall mount for powering the switch.

Thank everyone for the suggestions, this is exactly the information I needed to get started.


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In addition to what has already been mentioned:

I have also set some of the fibaro associations to directly control another dimmer (settings made with Homey).

For example: use a separate pulse switch on the S2 of dimmer A to control a light on dimmer B (two-way switch / hotelschakeling). This keeps on working with Homey unplugged (and is even more responsive).

That’s also a good idea but only works for Fibaro devices which are in range of each other, right. But it works without the controller so that’s great.


Similar to your experience. You should be aware of direct associations and status in Homey.
I wrote my findings here. Hope it helps.

Hi Rene,

Thanks good to be aware of these problems and workarounds