Best alround temperature sensor


I have the latest Homey Pro andthese HeatIt sensors:

Problem with them is that the battery (Now rechargeble’s ) are not reliable. And the measurement of the battery is also not correct.

I’m searching for a reliable sensor on battery, display is not needed since we will use an Ipad as a display with a virtual temperature device.

Any tips ? :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t use rechargeable batteries, at least not if they’re NiMH, since their nominal voltage is usually too low. Also, most battery-powered sensors don’t have reliable battery measurements.

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I’m going to try it with new batteries, and see if they last longer then.

Problem is that I can’t get a cable at this moment on most locations. On 1 location we are renovating and there a have a new cable for power delivery.

I have a bunch of Aqara temperature/humidity/pressure sensors in and around the house, they last well over 2 years on a single CR2032 battery.

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Ok, How fast do they update the temperature ? My floor heating is connected with it,.

Instant updates when the temperature has changed 0.5°C or more, when the humidity has changed 6% or more, or when the pressure has changed more than 25hPa/mbar. Otherwise, every hour.

I assume your goal is to measure ambient (“room”) temperature, though?


Yes the room, but when it would take long to update, the floor heating starts to late or stops to late… :slight_smile:
I’m going to try those,

What do you mean with “not reliable”?

  1. Like @robertklep mentioned already, rechargeable batteries can be a problem. Some manufacturers don’t recommend the use of rechargeable batteries.
  2. With this Heatit device you can change many settings to influence the battery life.
  3. A bad Z-Wave mesh or a bad or weak connection to other Z-Wave repeaters or Homey can also drain the battery faster.

Underfloor heating systems are usually very slow. Therefore it shouldn’t matter if the temperature is updated every minute or every 30 minutes. And due to the slow nature of underfloor heating, it may not even make sense to turn it off, depending on the case.


Sometimes a sensor is alreay drained after a week. Sometimes it takes 3 months.
I’m now going to try non rechargeable batteries for it.

The settings are all standard

Do You use the aquara sensors direct to Homey, or do You have a hub between?

All my Zigbee is handled by zigbee2mqtt, not Homey.

Tnx - I’ll try without - direct till Homey. Just bought two and will test :wink: