Recommendations for best battery eink temperature sensors/ displays


I am after suggestions for the e-ink best temperature sensors that work with batteries . I am testing a couple of different displays: Shelly H&T Gen 3 and Qingping eink displays

I have noticed that their reliability for sending readings is variable . Shelly H&T works great connected to power but not great when it’s on batteries . I want to use batteries so I can put them in most of the rooms in our house .

Any suggestions for a sensor that works well with honey ?



Have you already checked the Troubleshooting your setup article in the Shelly topic?

Suggestion: SwitchBot Meter
It works with the SwitchBot App for Homey, but I have no experience with this sensor.

I have the Switchbot meter suggested by @DirkG and it works well and accurately with my Homey Pro. I use a flow that detects changes in temperature and that works reliably.

Battery use is very light.

I have a Switchbot hub and connect it to Homey that way. Given you want to put them through the house, I’d suggest you do the same as the range from the hub to the sensors is pretty good. The Homey app does allow bluetooth connectivity, but I haven’t tried it.


I’m happy with my SONOFF SNZB-02D (with display) and Aqara temperature sensor (without display).
Both are Zigbee, and measure als humidity.
Looks like that a new version of the Aqara sensor (T1) with Zigbee 3.0 is available.

Take into account that battery sensors send normally only values if the values have changed.
Or do you see different values on the display of the sensor and in homey?
In the settings of the sensors is it often possible the change the reporting intervals. Have a look to that, maybe that helps.

This might be an option, it can show several capabilities.
But you’ll need to get the temperature from an other Homey connected sensor.
(I can recommend Aqara 100%)

Thanks for the suggestions. The Sonoff looks like it might fit the bill.

Is anyone using the sonoff without using a sonoff gateway? I’m hoping to just the homeys if possible. (Too many gateways !)


You can check that in the app store.

Here you go, it’s supported:


Note: the Sonoff uses a monochrome LCD screen, not an e-ink one

@Peter_Kawa: Yes Peter, you are right, it’s a LCD, not a e-ink

@John_Clegg: Im using the Sonoff without gateway.
I’m using the app which Peter mentioned from Johan. There is also a official app from Sonoff since some month, but never used it.

Thanks everyone. I have got a SONOFF and its working a treat . Thanks for the recommendation