Best door and/or motion sensor for outdoor use

Hi there,

are there any recommendations for cheap, but reliable (z-wave+ ?) sensors for outside use? Batterys should be changeable, not to exoctic (expensive) and not run dry every few days even in a german winter. Is it even possible?

The only one I know specifically for outdoor is this one:

Thank you!

For door sensors I’ll try the Aqara “Mod” posted here in the forums. But I ll look into the Hue too for other jobs. Quite pricey but maybe worth it.


Did you ever tried the hue outdoor sensors on the outside?

I need some feedback

Thank you

I know you asked this several times in different topics on the forum. Ofcourse nothing wrong with, but guess not the answer yet?

Maybe thinking to post your question on a hue forum or facebook group.

Yap no feedback yet, I just wanted to know a reliable outdoor sensor to work with heimdall to set up a partial alarm for my sleep.

I’ve tried Philips users on facebook, didn’t try hue forum yet, I’ll see if I can get some answers there.

You are very attentive :face_with_monocle::sweat_smile:
(:arrow_up: In a good way i mean.)

Thank you for your suggestions anyway!
And sorry if I’m being very persistent with the same subject, don’t mean to bother anyone :upside_down_face:

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No problem mate, just tought maybe in philips hue group er forum, they got some more info because its specific to hue. :+1:

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