[beginner] need to send a string to IP:port

I need to interface with bticino or Legrand using OpenWebNet over an IP gateway (IP : port : 20000) and the a string to that gateway.

exemple of an Open Command to send : 11*21##

What is the best way to send that command and read back the status report ? Do I need to developp a java script ?

After the command, I should get back the status report : is *#*1## for ACK or *#0## for NACK

How should I implement this ?

Note : definition of OpenWebNet language OpenWebNet - Wikipedia

You could use the http logic card as condition.
You can define the thhp type (post), IP:Port and the http body.
It http post right? Is application/text right?

You can define a http code for the condition.
So if http returncode= 200 (ok), your flow will continue with THEN part.

If the server is not responding with http codes and you need the result body, you can take a look at the “Http request flow cards” app

No, it’s an entirely different protocol.

Ok, so it needs a new app and a NodeJS package (if existing) for the protocol?

Yeah, or some creative HomeyScript hacking.

Hello RonnyW,
thanks for the answer, I tested and I get an error

Any idea ?

Actually, I don’t know if need to do a GET or POST to interface bticino F453AV. I’m using a small utility to send command in ASCII.
So when sending : 11*21## the lamp switch on and I should get a ACK *#*1##
I can do this with the “The Little Logger” utility but I’m not sure what method to use with Homey

I will continue to test different method and I will post if I find a solution.

Best regards, Christophe

Hi, like Robert said, that’s a special protocol and not http.
So you won’t get it to work with simple http tools.

You will need a new app and a NodeJS package with an API for this protocol.

Ok, thank you Ronny and Robert