Beacons to start a flow on a specific location

I am searching for a way to start a flow on a specific location in a large building.

The situation is:
I work at a home for the elderly. When a cliënt (with dementia) is aggravated she starts walking. Music will calm her down but she walks randomly through the building. The idea is to place spotify connect speakers throughout the building. Every speaker is connected with a pir. When she walks past the pir, the speaker starts playing her music through a homey flow. After which she will calm down. To make the flow know that she is at a specific speaker I would like to add a bluetooth beacon or something similar which will fit in her purse or clothing. The bluetooth beacon has to know within a range that it is at the specif location. So i can add it as an and command to the flow
So I would like to know if there is some sort of bluetooth to wifi beaconfinder which connects to wifi to the homey. (the building is totaly wifi covered).

I hope you understand my question.
I am open for other options.

Thanx in advance

So, you want to detect someone by the PIRs, and a specific person whith use of a BT beacon, if I understand correctly.
The PIR’s are not relevant here, I think.

This should mean you have to place a BT2Wifi hub at every speaker.

I do not have knowledge if BT2Wifi hub/brigde exist yet.

No, I would always like tot detect a specific person.
Maybe the Pir is somewhat redundant. But because Bluetooth has a range of about 10 meters. I thought the pir was more accurate. In that way the speaker wouldn’t play when it isn’t needed.
The BT2Wifi hub was my best guess too. I hope someone could point me to a bridge that works with Homey.

Here’s one: iGS01 Bluetooth WiFi Gateway

Since it purportedly supports MQTT, perhaps the new “MQTT Device” feature of the MQTT Hub app can be used to provide Homey support.

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In that case you could create a BT and a pir trigger for the specific person carrying the beacon.
You can do something like this, for every speaker/pir set, assuming BT is detected sooner as PIR while approaching a Speaker/pir set:

Speaker/pir set A:
IF sensor A → person in range
AND BT-WifiGW A → beacon1 is in range
THEN stop cast to SpotifyConnectGroup***
AND cast music URL to SpotifyConnect speaker A after 1 sec

Speaker/pir set B:
IF sensor B → person in range
AND BT-WifiGW B → beacon1 is in range
THEN stop cast to SpotifyConnectGroup
AND cast music URL to SpotifyConnect speaker B after 1 sec

and so forth

***) I don’t know how SpotifyConnect works, I assume you have to stop casting to any device first, then start to cast to a specific device

Ah,yes this looks great. Any idea what happens when two different people approach the same point with a beacon with a different spotify list? Will it result in an error,or does it simply play first come first serve?

Ah,great. I will take a look at this. Anyone with experience with this product perhaps?

I’ve looked for it for a while, but of no avail, so thank you @robertklep !
I think it’s very interesting device, as Homey’s BLE range can be “extended” this way. F.i. use of BLE devices upstairs, or even in the garden.

Thanks Koen. I like the purpose of this idea.
That’s a good Q. I think they can’t trigger exactly at the same time, but in case you use my example flows, the last one in range gets his/her fav music :wink: I think :wink:

I really hope I can get this to work. If this works as whe hope it really could help our clients.

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I’d like to test for you, but I do not want to spend £69.60 for a BT bridge, yet :wink:

You can also buy an ESP32 for a couple of € and run this: GitHub - shmuelzon/ble2mqtt: A BLE to MQTT bridge

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Thats nice of you. But not a problem. I have a little budget to try out things.

Great, keep m coming :wink: . I will look into this too.