Returning home on bike flow

Does anyone have a suggestion how I could make a flow that triggers only when I arrive home my bike…? Or: is it possible to activate a flow that will trigger when I arrive home by bike. Eg: when I bike from work, I push a button, and then the flow triggers when I arrive home?
I do not want the flow to trigger when I arrive on foot or by car, hence the question.

In case you use Strava to record your activities, you can create a flow with the Strava App which start when you finish an activity.

Beacon in your bike?

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I don’t use Strava for commutes🤔
I want the flow to open my garage door when biking, as we only park the bikes in the garage. And then I would have to finish the activity before I arrived, and it would fill up Strava with everyday-commute-spam…

I’m new to this: what is a beacon, and how would that work?

I use my Apple Watch to open the Garage…

A beacon is a small, battery powered Bluetooth device.

When a beacon is in range of Homey’s Bluetooth signal, it gets detected. And the other way round of course.
But, the range is short, like 5 meters max, which can be an issue when putting the bike in the shed 10m away.

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I would create a yes/no-variable ‘biking home today?’
Before leaving work by bike set this variable to ‘yes’ (by flow, button, manually)
WHEN: Torkil comes home
AND: ‘biking home today? = YES
THEN: open garagedoor
Set ‘biking home today?’ to ‘no’

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You can also make a button in your garage.
When you leave by bike, you press the button.

You can create a flow: when button pressed set a status “away by bike”

When you arrive back home and the status is “away by bike” it will open the door

Question is: will you ever leave by bike and arrive back home but not want the door to open?

(If you have a fixed spot for your bike in the garage you might even detect automatically that the bike is gone…)


This is a great idea!
I could probably use an old Philips Hue Dimmer switch or something I have lying around, and a sign my wife and me each our button to say we’re out biking, and open garage when we get home. I just need to see I can figure out how to set it up!
We don’t have fixed spots, and there are several bikes, depending on use, so the button is a great and functional way of going about it!

I don’t know how and I want to figure out how someday.
But in theory (I think) through Siri shortcuts it must be possible to start a flow based on the location of an airtag. (that is IF you are using Iphone)…

I have an airtag mounted under my bike-seat, so I want to tell homey to turn on the lights on in the backyard when I arrive home on bike. When I arrive home on foot or in the car then just turn on the heating (something like that).

I know (I think/hope) it must be possible, but as I said… haven’t figured it out yet

And you can use the same ktrigger to ooen the garage door right away (since you are leaving anyway)

Thanks @FKey , it’s worked well the last two days! :slight_smile:

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