Battery monitor

Just created a simple app to monitor your battery powered devices.
Source can be found here.


cool! but how reliable is it? i know that fibaro devices won`t work. am i right?

The radiator knobs are Fibaro.

The app just reads the current battery power value of all devices.

ok. yes the door sensors battery value is from fibaro not reliable and a known issue i thinki.

@HarriedeGroot good intiative. The app will generate a trigger / have a device that shows an alarm state?

I guess the current approach (two simple flows) based on build-in devices flow triggers is not commonly known (although quite simple):
“A sensor’s value changed” (type battery) with a condition on the value or
“An alarm turned on” (type Battery alarm)

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@TedTolboom For now its just a (1 hour) side-project.

Adding flow triggers could be a nice addition.
Another feature could be auto (push) notifications when the battery level drops below a certain value (5%).
Didn’t spend time on it (yet), because I knew it’s already achievable using the triggers you presented.

Be my guest to create a pull-request. I shouldn’t be hard to implement.

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App is available in the store by now.


Just available for 2.0?

Good job! Goed bezig Herman!

Homey 2.0 only for now…

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Thanks Harry for the good work. However is see some flaws :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
i have 2 aqara vib. sensors. 1 gives a readout the other one noting. (found out one is broken)
Sensor fibaro (movement) works fine here (2X)
Mi door sensors don’t work.
Aqara temp sensors work fine (3X) 1 doesn’t checked it and the same problem in homey. Reinstalled and it is oke now
TADO doesn’t give a readout (thermostate and valve)

Can i make a flow with it or noting yet?

greetz and thanks

Sensor readings are app/device specific.
This app does not read the values from the sensors itself, but from the Homey device state.

No flow cards are implemented (yet). You can already create battery triggers, as explained by @TedTolboom:

Great job @HarriedeGroot had plans to make this too but never got to it, glad you had the same idea!

@DaneedeKruyff You did most of the job already :slight_smile: . The only thing I did was filtering on battery powered devices.

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Really simple and useful app, thanks! :heart:

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The remark when installing: “Gain full access to Homey…” stopped me from installing the app.
Is there no other way to read out battery state without ‘full access’?

The app needs full access to all devices to read the battery state (via the Athom api). That’s all it does. You can check the source if you want.

How to make a flow for battery low notifications:

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Available in the store now.

Version 2.0.5

  • Small fix in error handling of api calls
  • Moved to 2.x version scheme

With the version 2.0.5 the battery devices are gone. Even after reinstalling. Uninstalled the app