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Battery levels on xiaomi devices

Hi all

Where can I find the battery level indicators on xiaomi devices? In 1.5 there was a Green indicator for the levels but now there’s only a grey indicator for all my xiaomi devices. Using developer tools I found out that since 2 days (so since upgrading to 2.0) the battery level is not recorded/updated.
Or are all my devices nearly empty (+/-15 devices)

The battery function has never worked for xiaomi devices, athom has to implement some changes to the zigbee protocol first.

From the appstore:

  • Battery operated devices will not yet show the battery level ; this will be added in a future release (manufacturer specific ZigBee implementation)

If I’m not mistaken, in dedicated thread for xiaomi, developer (TedTolboom) said he just needs some time to figure out proprietary way xiaomi battery event is working.

Nothing to do with athom.

All thanks for the update.
I’ll take a look at TedTolboms thread.

And from what I remember, he did figure it out and the conclusion was that functionality in the Homey Zigbee implementation is missing.

In 1.5 there were indicators and they were green. Was that indicator not working then? :wink:

Hm @robertklep have i misunderstood lower or?

Continuing the discussion from Xiaomi / Aqara Smart Home - Zigbee App (v0.4.3):

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No, it wasn’t working, it was only being shown.

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