Battery alarm

Does anyone have an example of a flow which gives a notification when any device has low battery?

The screens are in dutch, so hope you understand, otherwise ask

The action in last part i use telegram to sent the notification to, you can ofcourse use what you want

Dank je wel Roy, je hebt me op de goede weg gezet.

Ik zie dat je ook kunt kiezen voor batterij alarm in eerste kaartje ipv “accu waarde gewijzigd”.

Scheelt weer extra kaartje in de flow.

Groetjes Tino

Your welcome, and please translate it to englisch as we in the englisch part of the forum. Otherwise our friendly moderators gonna kick your ass😝

Oops, sorry :wink:

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When the search option was used u would have find this topic. This one is closed for this reason.