Axa raamuitzetter

looking for solution tin include Axa remote 2.0 Any ideas?

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I am also intrested

Axa claims “ Thanks to 4 billion rotating codes, it is virtually impossible for even the smartest burglar to open your window with another remote control and therefore an extremely secure solution.”. So unless Axa has a hub or something, It’s unlikely Homey can sen the codes itself.

I had it working with arduino and a linbus shield connected to Homey with Homeyduino app.
Don’t have it anymore, still got two linbus shield if anyone is interested.

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In my case when I’m dealing with these “impossible-to-add” devices, I’d like to take a step back and think what it will add by including it, and if it’s safe/necessary. Because often there’s a good reason why you might have to rethink it a bit.

  1. The security is there so that window can’t be opened by criminals. You don’t want an easy way to remotely open a window where someone could enter your house.

  2. We have a window that’s two stories up, so that won’t really be a security risk unless they bring a ladder. But the window is level with a roof terrace, where there could be children. They might not be able to slip through that 13cm gap, but they could get pinched if the window is automated and they have their hands there. Or just think of animals - a cat would probably use that spot for overlooking the living room.

If these kind of scenarios are thought through and you still want to continue (like i want to) the option could actually be quite simple:

Rip that remote apart and add a relay controller, f.ex Fibaro Implant or any other wifi relay, and just solder wires to the remote. You can then easily add wall switches that send signals either wired directly to the remote or via Homey. With the right voltage you could probably also eliminate the battery in the remote.

I’m going to add a smart wall switch so it looks nicer, where the remote is located behind it. And then I could open either with that wall switch where I can see the window at the same time, or automate opening with Homey based on weather/temperature and presence.

I will not fully automate closing because of the potential risks, but will rather warn if it is open after a certain time of the day etc.