Automatic kitchen hood fan activation


i want to control my kitchen hood fan with homey and i need some assistance what products to buy for this. I want the fan to start whenever someone turns on the cooktop. I havent taken apart the hood but i guess i can pretty easily install a Fibaro double relay there that gives me 2 speed wich is enough for me.

The tricky part is the cooktop. My original idea was to use aeotecs energy meter. I bought a gen5 60amp meter but this isnt supported and i never got it paired with homey. The flow would be pretty simple, when power usage is above specified kwh then turn on fibaro relay. The cooktop uses induction and with all four areas on the power should be around 5-6kw. Not that i would use it all the time with all four areas on but still i think this will eliminate most relays and switches.

Maybe someone has a better and simpler idea how to achieve this.

A current clamp sensor would probably be the best solution (non-invasive and can handle large loads), but I don’t think there are any devices like that supported by Homey. If you like electronics, it’s relatively easy to create an Arduino or ESP8266-based device with such a sensor, and you have various options of pairing it with Homey.