AEG Hob2Hood protocol

Does anyone know what AEG hob to hood uses as a protocol and if there is any way to intercept it?

It is infrared, I found some info online but have not managed to test anything yet as Homey is out of sight for the kitchen.

Thanks for the info!
That’s unlikely to be useful for me then I guess (for similar reasons) unless I can find some way to receive the infrared from the hob and then pass that to homey.
That said I wonder if one of those old TV power sockets might work…

Here are 2 links that may help:öffentlicher-bereich/knx-eib-forum/diy-do-it-yourself/37790-hob2hood-ir-protokoll-arduino/page2

This is something i want to try myself. I have a hob that supports this but bought the wrong hood (actually the kind of hoob i wanted dont support this anyways). I think building this takes the same amount of effort as would engineering same thing with homey.

Actually i have found out this is quite easy to do with homey. The only hard part is getting the hood to work. I have electronically controlled hood and i have to take that apart and see how i can control it.
Qubino makes energy meters for din rails. They support bigger loads and using that its quite easy to start a flow.

Thanks @Laur_Kaarna I came across those.
My hood isn’t especially advanced (the slow speed is pretty much the same as the high speed), so I’m actually thinking right now of getting and energy monitor clamp on the hob and then simply turning on the hood on max when in use and off when not

Keep in mind that those clamps dont work with homey. At least i havent found any. The aeotec gen 5 wont work. Aeotec app supports only gen2 clamp but couldnt find any.

Apparently the Shelly EM does

Thanks, didnt know that.

Anyone got this to work?

As my hood is part of my central ventilation, which is already smart and controlled by Homey.

So I “only” :wink: need a receiver for the IR signal from the hob and make that report to Homey…

Anyone got an idea how to do this?

Honestly I didn’t get any further than above
I’m pretty certain it would work in some capacity but my hood is rubbish and not easy to access and it hasn’t been so much of a problem I want to invest in it!