Starting cooker hood when hob is on?

I see that some companies are starting to come out with ‘connected’ hobs and hoods, but none seem to be in the style that i need (integrated hood)

I’m wondering if anyone has found a way to connect these?
In principle i feel you could use a a power measurement plug and a switch on the hood, but problem seems to be that induction hobs pull far more power than these things are rated to?


Not sure if it exists as a ready-to-go product, but there are cheap clamp meters (like this one) that can measure currents up to 100A. You’d need to add additional hardware like an ESP8266 running Homeyduino or something similar, though, so it’s far from being an out-of-the-box product.

Hmm - that’s a good idea.

Is there a guide somewhere for the homeyduino side of things?

It does require some programming though :sweat_smile:

Oh dear. Well, sounds like a project for when i have more time perhaps!!
I guess for now the long story short is that i could get this working, so don’t need to worry too much about getting (or not) one of the pre-connected things

If anyone else knows an off the shelf solution i’d love to hear!!

When it comes to software, technically anything is possible, and you could do it. But generally either time, effort of cost will make it not worth it. :slight_smile:

So, my hob now purchased is 32A… is there anything that can be added inline or is a power clamp of some sort the only way?
I’ve seen 16A Sonoff i think for example but cant find anything 32A rated