Arduino 433MHZ with Homey

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I need to connect simple arduino 433MHZ transmitter (fs1000a) or receiver (xy-mk-5v) to my Homey but I didn’t find on the internet any information how can I do that.
Can someone help me how can I connect it?
I will be greatful for any help :slight_smile:

You can’t, Homey isn’t a generic computing platform like a Raspberry Pi.

So if you need to use these devices from Homey, you need to set up some sort of intermediate platform, like an Arduino running HomeyDuino, although that would require writing code yourself (it’s not a out-of-the-box solution).

curious why you need to connect a receiver, and/or transmitter to homey, as it has both already build in :thinking:
going to close this topic, as it seems you didn’t take any time to even look up Homey.
try this page for a start if you are really interested in Homey: