Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v1.4.1 - TEST: v1.4.2)

Hi all, recently I’ve got a unit of Aqara Double Relay - LLKZMK11LM. Using my “Aqara & Xiaomi Zigbee” application v1.3.8, i’m still able to add the device as Aqara Double Relay, but here is there is a notification “This types device might not be supported in the future.” inside the Homey mobile app.
I wonder what is it about, can anyone shed some light on this notification ?

Hi !

Sorry if the matter has already been raised, but I’m having trouble using an Aqara H1 Double Rocker wireless switch. It does connect to Homey, but when I try to setup a flow, it looks like it’s added as a one button switch only, as there’s no option to select right or left button has been pressed, only “a button has been pressed”. Is there any trick to make it work or should I wait for an update ?

Thanks for your work Ted !

The same here

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Hi Ted,

Has this been added to the app?

is this reversed control also applicable for the wired curtain motor? Not B1.

Morning Ted! Can we pop the bottle on the H1 + Neutral wires ? :)!

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I still have issues with the Aqara Vibration sensors as mentioned earlier in this post and also noted as issue in Github. I’m happy to provide more information on this issue if required, since I am not able to use the devices for a few months already.

Same issue here !

The Aqara D1 wall switch without neutral dos not have a way to gif in the energy usage. De one with neutral dos not have dis problem. Can you fix this?



I’ve just released v1.4.0 to the app store, currently available in the test environment and will be available for all once Athom approves the release.

What’s new in v1.4.0
Add support Aqara H1 wall switches (with Neutral) and fix issue Aqara H1 wall switches (no Neutral)

Next to adding support for the Aqara H1 wall switches (with Neutral), it should also resolve an issue with the H1 wall switches (no Neutral) that are recognized as battery devices and therefore sometimes give perceived (!) communication issues.

New added support:

Device icon Brand Name Device modelID Product Code (EAN) Zigbee productId Driver ID Device capabilities Subdevices Deprecated
Aqara Aqara H1 Wall Switch Single (With Neutral) WS-EUK03 6970504214798 lumi.switch.n1aeu1 switch.n1aeu1 onoff, measure_power, meter_power No
Aqara Aqara H1 Wall Switch Double (With Neutral) WS-EUK04 6970504214804 lumi.switch.n2aeu1 switch.n2aeu1 onoff, measure_power, meter_power Yes (1)

Fixed issue on:

Device icon Brand Name Device modelID Product Code (EAN) Zigbee productId Driver ID Device capabilities Subdevices Deprecated
Aqara Aqara H1 Wall Switch Single (No Neutral) WS-EUK01 6970504214774 lumi.switch.l1aeu1 switch.l1aeu1 onoff No
Aqara Aqara H1 Wall Switch Double (No Neutral) WS-EUK02 6970504214781 lumi.switch.l2aeu1 switch.l2aeu1 onoff Yes (1)

Q&A time:


That is a device limitation. Aqara switches without neutral do not report energy usage, with neutral do.

This is a known issue. A new series of devices that is not formally launched outside of China.
I am in discussion with Aqara to get access to these devices.

I will be looking into these issues in the next week.

You should use “A scene has been activated” card.

I got the same issue as well but for mccgq11lm. Device not detected after long hold. Any resolution? Thank you.

Perfect, thanks a lot !

Welcome to the community @Zentier.

That is not the same issue.
The MCCGQ14LM is not supported by this app, as explained above, but your version (MCCGQ11LM) is supported by the app.

What you could do is restart Homey, move the sensor closer to Homey or try a different battery in the sensor. I would recommend in that order.

How many router devices (e.g. mains powered switches or bulbs) are present in your Homey’s Zigbee network, compared to the amount of endDevices (e.g. battery powered sensors)?

Hi. I have tried restarting homey, move it close to homey, change battery but still unable to connect it. Homey v15.0

Total 28 powered bulbs, 14 battery operated sensors

If you ever add those E1 devices at least with zigbee2mqtt they were not possible to pair at first since the device expect the Aqara manufacturer name to be confirmed with the controller, see Help request for new device Xiaomi Aqara E1 door & window contact sensor · Issue #9274 · Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt · GitHub. Don’t know how Homey handles this but just a tip for your knowledge.

Hi Ted,
I have the same issue and four pieces of this switch sitting unused here. I asked AlieXpr. if I could return them (postage too expensive) and they told me that the previous version has discontinued. So more and more people will have this problem soon.

Thanks for four effort!


Is there a specific error message shown in the Homey app?

Thanks for providing the feedback.
I am not surprised about this issue, which could be the reason why Aqara did not yet release this version of the sensors to Global or EU markets. Unfortunately I don’t have this sensor myself to check compatibility with Homey myself. If anyone has one of these sensors and is willing to send it to me, I would appreciate this.

See also my feedback to rindler’s question. For the Chinese market the sensor might be discontinued (large market share of the Aqara hub), but not for the Global or EU market (larger market share for other controllers).

Hi, there is no error message shown. It just couldnt locate the sensors ( bought 3, all 3 couldnt be detected).

I am currently using 2 other same sensors and is able to detect them last time and is working fine

Can anyone clarify what scenes are possible with the wall switches? I’ve read something about ‘pressed X times’, and ‘long press’ and ‘long press release’?

If I keep the button pressed, will multiple ‘long press’ events be sent to the Homey (if yes: at what interval?), or just once? I’d like to create dimming functionality by pressing and holding the button.

This would be the fastest option to check / determine if there is a chance to get the Aqara E1 sensors working. Please send me a DM.

That depends entirely on the model of wireless wall switch you are referring to.

No, the long press / aka key held command is send only once.
Some (not all) wireless switches also send a key released command. But only if the device is providing either a command or some other trigger to support this.

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