Aqara wireless double switch

Hi all,

I’ve got an issue with Aqara wireless double switch the one with battery. It keep falling out of the network like a clockwork, every 2-3 day after adding it back : (
I’ve changed the battery and placed it in the direct vicinity of Homey, to no avail.

When it’s becomes unavailable the blue leds flash 3 times on every button press.

I’ve got a dozen Aqara devices, most of them work fine, or with minor glitches.
Does someone have a similar experience with this device? I can still replace / return it.

It probably has to do with the max number of devices directly connected to Homey. There are lots of topics about this, you can try the search function.

It’s very unlikely, unless homey has a limit of 15 or smth devices that it allows to connect.