Aqara vibration sensor delayed reporting

I live in an apartment and the door phone is not smart. So I have attached an Aqara vibration sensor to the door phone as a trigger.
The vibration is not strong enough to trigger the alarm, so I use the vibration level.
It works great, but there is a 3-4 minute delay.
There is no delay on the alarm, if I activate it manually. What to do?

UPDATE: still no luck with Aqara. Bought a Fibaro Multi sensor (z-wave) and it does the trick just perfect.

can you explane this??

Yes. If I tap it hard myself, then the vibration alarm reacts immediately

ah ok, that only means the vibration of the doorbel is just to low and it takes a while for the sensor to detect it. not much you can do about it.

I don’t know exactly how this sensor works, but I would expect it to have a (settable) threshold (or sensitivity) above which an alarm is raised. I think the delay may come from the vibration level being too low for an alarm to trigger so the sensor only sends a periodic update every X minutes.

I have made a flow based on vibration strength bigger than 10. It reacts every time, but with a 3-4 minute delay. That is not the case if I use the vibration alarm. But this only reacts at stronger vibrations. I can’t change any relevant parameters.

It reacts every time, but with a 3-4 minute delay.

I’ve the same Vibration sensor from Aqara, connected to Homey via Aqara & Xiaomi zigbee App by Ted Tolboom and it is reacting immediately as vibration pass the set threshold value.

Are you using the vibration alarm as trigger or the level of vibration strength?

I use vibration alarm as trigger.

ahh ok. That disn’t work for me, because the vibration from the buzzing wasn’t strong enough to activate the alarm. But I still got a reading of the vibration strength. So I made a flow to react on the strength. Unfortunately it takes 3-4 minutes from the ‘buzz’ to the report in the system?

where do you set the threshold?

My Aqara says the vibration is always 91 (x time ago). Never goes to 0. Can I reset it somewhere?