Aqara Vibration Sensor reset

I would like for the vibration sensor to reset its vibration level within a descent timeframe. If it senses vibrations at for example level 60, then it´s set for 60 in 3 hours, or even days. When I would like to use the sensor as a trigger to close my marquee, then it needs to trigger at let´s say 60, then it passes 60. rolls up marquee, and next time I roll it out, then the sensor haven´t reset, and can therefore not pass 60 again, and is useless… how can I reset the level, or can we get an update for the app?

If you use the trigger card The vibration strength changed in combination with the logic card in the And… section Vibration intensity is higher than 60 then the flow will also be triggered if the last (stuck) vibration intensity was more than 60. I think that will be the trick.
Don’t use the Vibration becomes more than… card!

However, my experience with the vibration sensor on our marquee is poor. I did not manage to get the marquee to close reliably.
I am curious about your experience.