Aqara temp device wont connect

I have bought an aqara temperature sensor and when i try to connect the homey app says hold the reset button 3 seconds til the light flashes. The light flashes but the sensor wont appear on the homey app…

Did you keep the Device very close to Homey?

Yes nothing happens

And when the light is flashing are you pressing the button every two seconds?
You should keep the device alive till it is added.

Link to Aqara topic

Yesterday I also tried to add some aqara devices for the first time and also had some issues with it.
what seemed to help wirh me is I needed to keep trying the press the button on the device multiple times (but give it some time to try) but eventually I get everything connected.

Thank you for the replies but ive tried to keep it alive and clicking the button often. Nothing happens still…