Aqara temp sensor problem

I wrote the other day about my aqara temp sensor that wont connect. It blinks but wont show up on the homey app. I wondered if i was the sensor or my homey that was the problem so my friend tried the sensor on his homey and it worked fine. What could be the problem with my homey? Zigbee problem?

Bad Zigbee network, interference, HP2023 still being in the “Early Access” stage, hardware problems, take your pick.

keep the sensor “alive” while pairing. Press the button every 2-3 seconds.

More info is missing…

  • on what firmware are you
  • how many devices, routers vs battery operated you have
  • any troubleshooting steps you took (Homey restart, ptp etc)

Does not work…

On homey pro if thats what you meant. Ive tried restarting homey. I have many devices connected to homey but that should not make it to not find the sensor?

I have Homey too…many devices and yes. Do you mean your answer seriously please?

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