Aqara sensor stopped working after battery change

I searched this forum but didn’t find the correct answer.

My issues is that after a battery change the Aqara devices are not active anymore in Homey Pro.
De device in Homey is not responding, and the only solution is to remove the original device en add it as a new device again.
This always happens when the battery is empty and has to be changed. I can’t find the cause of this behavior and have no solution. After replacing the battery I push the reset button once and then there is one update to the Homey app. After this nothing is happening anymore.
Even some devices are not responding the correct power level so most times the battery is empty and the Homey device is showing 60% or so.
This happens to me with the Aqara temp/hum sensor, Button and Window sensor on Homey Pro 2019.

I hope someone can help with this annoying issues to get it solved.

It shouldn’t be necessary to remove the original device.
Just pair it
→ Homey says “device exists already”
→ You say “yes I know that, Homey”
→ restart Aqara app

About battery level, overhere the contact sensors stayed at 100% no matter what (this also happens with zigbee2mqtt btw).
The temp/hum sensors reported ok.


Thx but it’s not working.
The second step is just stopping the process for adding a new device. Nothing else.

I’m sorry. It works here by just re-pairing.