Aqara roller shade driver E1 issue with HomeKit Experiment

Hi. I have an Aqara Roller shade driver connected to my Homey (without an Aqara Hub).

I can control the Aqara roller shade driver perfectly from my Homey app.

I have the HomeKit experiment activated and is has been working great with the devices I have connected to homey. All these devices are showing in my Apple home app and I can control them perfectly.

However, the Aqara roller shade driver Is not working appropriately in the Apple home app. The device is showing on my Apple home app, however I cannot control it. Is there anything I can do to fix this, please? Thank you very much.

Try my HomeKitty app, it supports more than the HomeKit experiment (make sure to disable the experiment before running HomeKitty).

Will there be any issues if I keep HomeKit experiment on tandem with HomeKitty? Thank you

There probably will be issues, yes.