Aqara magic cube pairing

I orderd a new Aqara Magic Cube - model MFKZQ01LM.
I added the Aquara App (version 0.8.0 by Ted Tolboom) to my Homey and selected the Cube from the list. I press install button in the app and wait until the app is ready for pairing and follow the instruction on the screen.
I press (and keep pressing) the button in the cube. The blue LED will light and will go off after 3 seconds. But no flashing led (2 or 3 times) or whatever. The LED is off and will stay off.
I removed the battery and reinserted it again but no change.

What is wrong? different model, wrong procedure?

Just installed the cube. I almost gave up, didn’t work, restarted Homey, still no result. After the 10th try suddenly it tried to connect but timed out. The 15th time :slight_smile: it finally worked. No idea what is the issue, but just don’t give up trying :slight_smile:

Did you get the flashing LED after pressing the button for a long time? I don’t see the two (or three) flashes when the blue LED goes off. I want to know if this is normal.

I also had some struggle. Aftera reset of the cube and restart of Homey, it worked.
Altså perhaps check the battery

I had troubles pairing my cube a year ago. It behaved quite similar to what I’ve read here. My cube turned out to be broken (solder missing on pin of battery holder), after some soldering I was able to (re)pair it.

Thanks for the hint, Kevin.

I checked mine and the soldering was quite well. And that was to be expected since the LED is blue for a few seconds when the button is pressed.

I paired my new Aquara Cube (2pcs) without any problem.

I’m facing the exact same problem I suppose.

The soldering is correct.
I do not see a difference between the 3 sec press for linking and a 5 sec press for ‘reset’ (following the user-guidance that came along with the cube)

I did try it after rebooting both homey and resetting cube.
After 10 times still nothing.

I wonder how your lights blink when you try to link it, mine are as following:

I press the button for 3sec: I get 3 led blinks (of which 2 slow and the third fast after)
the I keep clicking once (not holding onto) the button once every 2 seconds.

When I press it it blinks and then I can wait 1-2 sec and it will blink again without me clicking.

So it isn’t doing what it is doing in the following video:

Did any of you get that kind of triple blinking after the first 3 blinks?

Don’t understand why it ain’t pairing as simple like this haha:

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Mine isn’t blinking after the first reset of 3 seconds. I ordered another one from RobbShop which has the same symptoms.
When I press the reset button (and keep pressing it) until the blue LED will go off, nothing happens. No 3 blinks! I press the button every 1-2 seconds and the LED lights a few milli-seconds but no response in the App. Finally, the pairing gives a timeout.

It isn’t as easy as it seems on the video from Homey.

Have you measured the voltage from the battery? It should at least be 3V. See [HOW TO] Measure batteries on faltering battery powered devices! for details. And the initial foil / plastic slip around the battery has been removed right?

Thanks for the suggestion. I checked the battery and it has 2.830 volts.
There is no foil around the battery since the Box showed a blue LED when I push the reset button.

And I replaced the battery for a new one with 2.9 Volts, and now I am getting the situation the LED is flashing 2 times after the long reset press. I think this is the solution!

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I had the same problem. After a reset of my Homey Pro it works without any problem :+1:

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After the homey update to v5 the cube could connect.