Aqara FP2, mmWave presence detection on WiFi

Did the exact same steps, After tapping connect I can choose from 2 FP2’s and sometimes 3 or 4. But after the PIN I get: “connect ECONNREFUSED”. Attempted multiple times, sometimes I also get: “connect EHOSTUNREACH”.

Both Homey as FP2 has reserved IP in router. I have no apple devices, only android.

To try something else I add the sensor to Home Assistant wich worked the first attempt. But when I add it in Homey via Homey’s Home Assistant app, I only see illuminance and occupancy and not the 2 zone’s wich I see in Home Assistant and Aqara Home.

The FP2 is driving me nuts, also because it sees a lot of the time more “people” in the room than there are, even when there’s nobody in the room.

@Thilo Thanks, hope gives life!

edit 2:
Succes! I did one last try and it added the sensor with the zones to Homey. Maybe I did something different this time but I’m pretty sure I’m not. So @Quakerix, for me it’s up and running although I have to see how the sensor is behaving and how new flows are acting.

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Sometimes it can take a while before the FP2 is visible on the network with its homekit service. And devices that are already paired, and thus unavailable for connecting, will not be shown at all when trying to connect.

@Martin_Verbeek ive got another issue for you. See attached screenshot. Version is 1.1.4.

I have a card that’s notifying me when Zone 1 became occupied. However when i check whether it’s occupied in the next card ‘Room Or Zone occupancy Zone 1 is occupied’ and this value is false i send myself a notification. I just got this notification. This should never be the case right?

This is a problem, because i used to hook up more to the ‘Room Or Zone occupancy Zone 1 is occupied’ and it didnt do something as i expected it to.

Will check into it…is this since 1.1.4 or do you think it existed before?

I think it existed before, but i’m not sure.

What i think is happening: it is a pretty strange combo actually :-)… i think the value has not yet been set and at the same time you are asking for the value… you might be able to test, just put a wait of 1 second in after the “became occupied” and see if the condition is okay…

Will be fixed in 1.1.6

In test now…

Please, help FP2 addition to Homey pro, Aqara app does not support yet this presence sensor.

Anyone knows ho to add to Homey Pro app?


Just read this topic, everything is well explained…


This thread has now passed 400 posts. Reading through it all to get the description for installing FP2 (with all the updates about app versions, test versions, reported problems and workarounds) it has become hard for newcomers to find out how it’s currently done. I think it is time to post an updated description of the install procedure. Can someone who has kept up with the changes please do that? It would be much appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face:


Use the HomeKit Controller app: HomeKit Controller App for Homey | Homey

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hello Ewen,
is your aquara FP2 works fine with your integration method?

Yes works fine in my house

Will release 1.1.10 (test) release soon.

It will remove deprecated flow cards (deprecated in 0.0.8). If you are a early user and never made it across to the new motion cards please move now. The new ones have zone names as dropdown, the old ones are just numbers of zones.

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An guide on how to add the Aqara FPS2 sensor to the Homey.

I just did my first attempt and these all the steps that I did. In my situation, i have an iOS-phone but no other Homekit devices.

  1. Download the Aqara Home-app
  2. Open the app
  3. Create an account and login
  4. Power up the sensor with a USB-C cable, it should flash yellow
  5. Add device in the Aqara-app and follow all steps. The Aqara-app automatically adds the sensor to the Home-app on iOS.
  6. Install Homekit controller on Homey
  7. Go to the device in the iOS Home-app and remove it.
  8. Go to the Homey and add it, the PIN is on the back of the device with a QR-code sticker.
  9. It’s added
  10. Go to the device in the Aqara-app and select that its being used as a presence sensor and follow the guide to configure the room.
  11. Go to the device in the Aqara-app and update firmware
  12. Optionally is to re-run the wizard.

Don’t forget to fix the IP’s of your sensors in your router!


I’m also curious how well it works and just ordered one.

I’m running tests now. So far so good

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I have a new problem with the FP2 :see_no_evil:

My wife saw the spot I wanted to put in on the wall after I was looking for a nice space for weeks and now she didn’t agree that is was a perfect spot with great viewability for the FP2 :joy:


Hide it, it can sense through wallpaper f.i.! I even have an mmWave sensor hidden in a flower pot :thinking: :rofl: