Aqara flow with timer

I got a Aqara sensor on my window in the bedroom. I would like to make a flow where when the sensor has been active in 15 min. I will get a notification on my phone. Is it possible when there is no timer app on the bridge ?

I don’t own a bridge, but that should work.

Flow 1

– Contact alarm turned on

– Start Flow 2 with a delay of 15 min.

Flow 2

– This Flow was started

– Contact alarm is on

– Push notification

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R U sure?

Try before you ask.


I use an extra variable; tested and works:


Although you shouldn’t close and reopen the window within those 15 minutes, otherwise you get a cascade of flows that get started.

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“no timer app on the bridge”


…or try yourself before you advising others to try … :slight_smile:

Done, many times! Thanks for this advise.

That’s right. :+1:t3:

Sorry @Jan_Peeters, but as I read your first post my reaction was the same like @JPe4619. I wrote “that should work”, not “that will work”. And you ask me if I’m sure??? After that, you post flows with a timer app which is definitely not available on the bridge… :man_shrugging:t3:

The reason why I wrote “that should work” was, because I don’t own a bridge and I don’t know exactly if there is a “Delay” option with the bridge.


You don’t need a Bridge to test Homey (beta). Only you can’t add fe virtual KAKU devices to test. Keep it with the standard actions.

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Perfect dear sir, thank you very much. That did the job :grin: