Aqara door and window sensor alarm if door has been open for x seconds

Hi. I have a cold storrage room for food in my house. I have mounted aqara door and window sensor to alert me if the door is not closed after x amount of time. How do I set it up? Im have only been able to set alarm when the door is opened, but I only want the alarm if the door is not closed after 30 sec. Thanks.

Hi @Wahllstreet,
You can use the CountDown app to achieve what you want. When the door sensor triggers, you can start a timer to count down from the desired amount of seconds or minutes. In another flow, you can trigger a warning (push message, light color change, spoken message on smart speaker, …) once the timer reaches 0.
Here a link to the Homey App store for CountDown

Thank you so mutch. This was exactly what I needed. Thanks.

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Is it possible to make the voicemessage I have created to repeat itself every 10 sec or so until the door is closed?

You can try to make also a timer with the app Chronograph or Countdown.
When you’re current timer is sending the push warning there you can start another timer again for ten seconds.
IF timer is ready
THEN start a flow

IF this flow is started
THEN create a voice message.
And start the timer again

IF the door is closed
THEN stop the timer.

You don’t need any timer apps.

After door was opened just add wait 30 sec, and after this time check again if doors are still open. Then send notification. Thats all.
It has some flaws, but for simple use case like this it will be enough. Especially if this door is not used very often (more than 2 times in 30 seconds) because then you can get false alarms.

Here is my similar scenario with front doors:

That’s one of the problems with the build-in delay function:
— they can’t be stopped
— they can’t be restarted while they are running
— if Homey is restarted (for whatever reason) while a build-in delay is running, the build-in delay is cancelled after restart. A Chronograph App Timer continues after restart.

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@Mike1233 Thanks, I will try that