Trigger alarm if garage door has been opened for more than X minutes

I am new to Homey and HA and is trying to learn how to set up different flows but have stumbled into an issue.
I am trying to set up a flow to warn me if my garage door (still manually opened) is open, and in such case warn me in the appropriate way. I have installed an Aqara motion sensor on the door which can react on the tilt, but I only make it trigger when the door is being opened, not when it is left open. Perhaps someone can help me?

What I hope to do is to send me a push notification when the door has been left in opened position for more than X minutes.

My current best solution is:

WHEN: “The tilt angles to reference plane”
AND “Tilt X is greater than 45”
OR “Tilt Y is greater than 45” (I have not done a test yet to work out what the reference plane is and how this is being changed, but that is a minor thing I believe)
“Send push notification”

What I am lacking is the ability to only send the push when the door is left open. I tried to work out a way to store time as a logical variable and do something similar to “Time is greater than {{StoredTime+5}}” but I haven’t succeeded yet.

Do you have any ideas? Or is there any other way to do it that is better?

Hi, and welcome to the Homey user and the community.

I don’t know exactly how do you want to manage this with a motion sensor. I personally would use one (or two = garage door closed) door/window sensors. But maybe this works quite well with a motion sensor, I don’t know.

Maybe this thread is helpful. If not, let us know. We will find a solution, because it is not really difficult.

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I don’t think he means a (PIR) motion sensor, but the Aqara vibration sensor, which also sends the tilt angle (which, in a way, can also detect motion :slight_smile: )

Yes, this could be.

Thanks alot, that was exactly what I was looking for to solve the problem! Now it works!
Apparently I need to become better at searching within the community, I had totally missed that one! But thanks for directing me to it!
And you were fully right, I did mean the Aqara Vibration sensor and not anything else.