Notification when garage is still open

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I have set up my fibaro smart implant for the garage, i have attached magnet sensor to tell me whether the garage is open or closed, for that reason i created a flow for the whole day to send me notification if the garage is still open based on the input voltage. When garage is closed the voltage reading is 0v, but when open the voltage reaches up to 10v.

So I created a flow like this:
When: voltage input becomes greater than 6v
And: the time is between 00:00 and 23:59
Then: Send push notification garage still open for 10 mins
Send push notification garage still open for 20 mins
Send push notification garage still open for 30 mins
Send push notification garage still open for 45 mins

I assume everything correct here, but unfortunately I keep getting notifications that the garage is still open even when its closed!

So please, can someone point where the error?

Can you share your flow? so its possible to check it

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That trigger will only fire once when the voltage goes from below or equal to 6v to above. So I presume you have set the message to fire on a delay?
If that’s the case then those events will fire even if the trigger is false.

What you need is a timer app such as Timer App for Homey | Homey or CountDown App for Homey | Homey or Countdown timers App for Homey | Homey and there are more.
However these do not work on Homey (cloud).

As @Piewhi says, share your flow so we can help.

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Btw, the condition “Time is between 00:00 and 23:59” is definitely not needed.


Here it’s:

I cant find some apps btw, are some of them are restricted to curtain regions?

Regarding the time, actually it meant to be from 2000 to 0600 but i have changed the time to the current format.

Regarding the apps not showing, when i do app name search inside homey pro i cant find them, when i click on the links using safari on my mac nothing happens! but when i copy the link and paste it on chrome then the download starts!

I don’t think apps are restricted by region so not sure why they are not showing in the search. I must admit I always go to the app store on my PC as it is easier to view and can be installed on any of my Homey’s from there.

Looking at your flow, it is as expected. If you use an action with a delay then it will run after the specified time and can’t be stopped.
With the timer apps you can start a timer running in the action Then section and use the timer finish trigger to check the door status again. If the door is open then send the message and start the timer again.