Would like to create a flow which advises me if the fridge door remains open for more than 30sec

Dear team, i am new to Homey and just received the beautiful Homey Pro (2023) yesterday and now playing with it.
I would like to create a flow whereby when the fridge door is open for more then 30 seconds than i would like a message to play into my sonos speakers and notification being sent on my phone.
The fridge is Miele and I have downloaded the respective Miele app which offers few cards.
In order to count the 30 seconds i have also downloaded a countdown app.
Essentially the flow says when the fridge door is open then start the countdown 30 seconds and when 30 seconds go to zero then notify.
This is how the flow looks like at the moment

The problem i face is that the notifications on my sonos happen almost immediately after the door is open…
Thanks all for your kind help

I think you’ll need a 2nd flow
The 1 you have now should stop right after the Countdown card.

2nd flow:
Countdown timer is finished
Fridge door is open
Turn trigger the 5 actioncards

Delete everything after your countdown card of your flow.
Otherwise you get alway after 30 seconds your push notifications, even if your fridge is already closed and make a new flow as Peter said.

Thanks all for your help.
I figure out how to structure the flow.
Here is the new version and now all is working.

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I put an Aqara temperature sensor into the fridge and if the temperature is above a limit and still getting higher (writing current temp into a variable and checking it in next trigger), I get informed via push message and Alexa. Just want to share another aproach for opened fridge (even if the door is still some mm open).


You don’t need external timers at al. Just do it like I did the thermostat on the heater.
If de window is open for more than 3 minutes turn of the thermostat:

Just start a delay of 30 seconds and check again if the door is open. If it still open do your actions.

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I followed the same instructions to apply it on my garage door to notify me that the garage is still open every 5 mins, but i only get notified for the first 5 mins and after that i get nothing, i am not sure what i did wrong here!

When you set “Execute Once after…” to "Execute every time after… " it will trigger every time the condition is true, in this example every 60 minutes

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Doing it like this will generate issues, feelings of randomness: what if you open the fridge, than close it, and about 3 minutes later you open it again?
Then this flows condition might be true, while the door was just open for a few seconds.

You do need some form of timer, because timers can be cancelled, which you would need when the door closes.

If you want to get a notification every 5 minutes continuously, change the Resume countdown to a Start countdown flowcard, like the one above.

Right now, the countdown timer will finish (reached zero) and than you activate a Resume countdown. That will do nothing, since it is finished. You need to restart the countdown.

Now working as i wanted, thanks.