Creating a Flow for Homey Bridge without a timer

Hello everyone,

I’m brand new here, and I don’t know if this is the right place to ask this question.

But I wanted to create a flow that sends a notification if the front door is left open. I have 2 little ones who regularly forget to close the door behind them, with the result that the front door has been left open several times for a long time.

I don’t always want to be notified when we go in and out, so I wanted the notification to come after a few minutes. How could I solve this, I tried this with a delay on the notification, but then the notification comes 3 min later every time the door is opened.

Since the homey bridge does not have a timer function or variable, I wondered if I could solve this differently? I couldn’t solve this with a zone either, since you can only trigger something if a zone is inactive for x number of minutes. I should be able to reverse this trigger “if” the zone is active x number of minutes “then” push notification.

anyone an idea? :slight_smile: Thanks in advance

Welcome @BenjamienClauwaert!

I would suggest 2 flows.

IF door is opened
Then start flow 2 after x mins

Flow 2 :
IF flow is started
AND door is open
Then: send notification

I would have suggest this flow and placing the door sensor in a separate zone.

but this Trigger is Homey Pro only. (Homey only has the become active trigger without timer)

Once again something to ask Athom with this feature request for timers. …

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thanks @matrover! just tested and the 2 separate flows do what I wanted to achieve :slight_smile:

How does this cancel the first flow when the door is closed ‘on time’? Wouldn’t this result in a notification for every opening of the door, but then just with a delay of 2, minutes?

Edit: a i suppose the checking if the door is still open fixes a lot. But stil 3 times open/close and then keeping it open, would result in 3 notifications. Canceling a pending delay would be nice…

You can disable the first flow in the first flow and enable it again in the second flow (both, when door is open and when door is closed)

Will disabling the first flow stop the current execution of the timer? So will this prevent the second flow from running?

Nope.(at least last time I tested on a Pro)
I guess this is the best possible solution.

Please test and let us know.

Tested the disabling of flows on the bridge, doesn’t work indeed/either

Hi all,

i’ve created these 2 flows in homey beta… and they do what I wanted to achieve. Successfully tested several times… I don’t get notifications if the door has been open for less than 2 minutes.

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