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Is it possible to make a flow that sends a push when a door has been open for 5 minutes to specific users?

I tried but it sends flow every time the door is opened


Yes, you can fix it with the timer function. Flow 1. When the door is opened, turn on a timer of 5 minuts. Flow 2. After the 5 minutes have passed, a message is sent .
Flow 3. When the door closes, timers are stopped.
Does that make sense?

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Dont you love how homey lets you solve this in soooo many ways :grinning:

You can use zone-activity:

I dont have timer
And i van only choose when the zone has been inactive for a given time

I have the bridge not pro

For Homey cloud/bridge:
(Door turned on, means Door Open)

Hmm, may-be not so relevant here, but what happens, if the door changes state multiple times between the 5 minutes?

Sorry, i may be stupid, but not seen exact description of the flow/cards for such situation (and for other beginners, like me - “after 5 minutes” can be add to standard “start flow” card, after it’s inserted into flow) - is the flow “D1.2” stopped, if door closes during 5 minutes? Or, if someone steps in&out every minute (and accidentally steps also exactly aft 5 minutes) then anyway D2.2 is executing payload ( despite, the door was closed during 5 minute) - and additionally other instances of flow are waiting their time.

Yeah, may-be i’m toooo pedantic :wink: But such “small details” are important to make home acting exactly, as we want, but not to thinking by themselves

In that case the flow will also be triggered multiple times (after 5min)

Correct, there is a small “gap” in this flow.

  • When the door opens and closes
  • after 5minutes the second flow will start
  • When at that exact moment the door is opened again, you will get the message

As long as the door is closed pretty quick after opening that risk small

The flow will not stop. Every time the door opens after 5 min the other flow will be triggered (by the card in THEN)

I agree, its a trade-off between complex flows (and how much time you want to spent on them ) and robustness.

Thanks for explaining @FKey !

To me you sound like you need Homey Pro.
The Cloud version is very basic (and intended to be easy to operate).
With a Pro, you can create flows exactly like @Sortberg proposed
door is opened
Start or replace timer X, which runs for 5mins

timer X has finished
door is open
Send push message to user A

door is closed
stop timer X

The last flow causes no push messages to be sent, while the timer does not finish and thus doesn’t trigger flow 2 (which sends the message).

As long as there isn’t a timer like Chronograph available @ Homey cloud, the best you can do is with the flows I suggested here

`For the NON-Timer users (Homey Cloud)
Make a Numeric variable, value=0, called DoorOpen, and use it in the next two flows:

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Alternative: use the built-in function “zone active for x min”.

  1. Create the zone with the front door sensor in it (I assume the sensor stays on as long as the door is open and off when closed.
  2. Add a flow as per below

Screenshot 2022-02-22 112453

Sorry I missed the 3rd post which says already what I wrote. Apologies