Fridge door open

Hello Guys
I want to share with you security flows i created to verify the fridge door openned for sometime.

I had two problems,
1/ my wife keeps the fridge open when she do something
2/ it’s an old one and sometime parts block the door or the door do not stoick well.

So i wanted a flow to check the door openned for a certain time.
this is what i have done so far:

1st flow for the timer
if the door sensor contact alarm is activated then start timer “firgo_timer” for a duration of 15 secondes

2nd flow
If the “firgo_timer” reach zero
and someone is in the house
then notify by alexa or google home and/or Homey there is the fridge door open

3rd flow
If the “firgo_timer” reach zero
and nobody is in the house
then notify by phone .

Now the fridge door will not be open without our attention.

we can add a temperature sensor (i have aqara on the fridge) to also check if the temperature reach under defined degres. It can be add in the “and” condition.


Verry nice, thank you @Terryble66!