Aqara Door and Window sensor

Did you read my post? There’s a link in it… :slight_smile: ModelID can be found on the box of the devices or evt on the Ali page where you bought it.

Check this picture ?

Hello Henk_Renting,

I also encounter the same problem. I cannot pair my sensor.
I do not have the right product number:
Product Code (EAN) 6970504212497, 192784000083

Is there any chance to add support to them shortly ?
Thanks a lot

Same problem with the Aqara Vibration Sensor with the following product number:
6970504212527, 19278400013

Same question, any chance to support it shortly.

These E1 sensors are not (yet?) supported.
Follow the “official” app tread here in the Community, as linked in my post above.

How can we make Ted Toolboom support them?

Easiest way to contact him ?

You can be sure he knows about the existence of the device. You’re also not the first asking for support, but there are underlying reasons why it isn’t supported yet. No need to contact him, just wait.

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Would be great though to get a comment from him. Maybe a status and expected date ?

Just read the relevant thread.

Which one would that be

This forum has a search function, when i type aqara, the first found is: Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v1.4.1)

I already gave you the link to the relevant thread here above…?

I know that link. But there hasnt been an update sinde Aug 18.

I just want to know, when to expect these sensors to work ?

Should i buy new ones or what to do. I can’t wait 6 month so secure my home.

This is what i hate about Homey. Nothing is compatible, and nothing from developers.

How hard can it be to just add support for these sensors.

I don’t believe you have read that topic very well. There were are posts in there about your question.
Also, you have not responded there.
You have to put some effort in yourself if you want your question answered.

And please bear in mind that the Aqara app is maintained by a developer who does this in his spare time; unpaid. But you can always support him by PayPal if you want your devices added to the app! :slight_smile:
This particular developer is very active, but of you don’t want to ask your question in (or even read) the right app thread. Not very fair to state that nothing comes from the developers!
I wonder if you should rethink your choice for Homey…

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I apologize for my lack of knowlodge. I am new here and dont know how the threads work (and was a little frustrated)

I see now in that linked thread that the newest comment is listed in the bottom instead of the top.

This thread should not even be here, but i could not find a way to contact Ted.

I will make a post and see if he reads it.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Tip about to many battery Aqara sensor:
You maybee have more Aqara unit whit 230 volt.
So your Zigbee network be better.
Zigbee direkt to Homey cant handle to many Aqara battery sensors, the Aqara units 230 volt bee a fine zigbee Router

I got the same version and the same problem. Any luck on your side? I was not able to find any update of fix on this.

Because there isn’t. If you follow the official thread you can track any progression by yourself.

what is an official thread… ?

The official thread.