[APP] Yale Home - Home security at your fingertips (EMEIA)

Mine works perfectly now. All I had to do was restart the app and now it updates the status of the lock.

Has anyone experienced the Yale Home not accepting their email or password whilst setting up on Homey?

Keeps stating that either the email address or password is invalid even though it’s not thus not allowing me to add my Yale products.

Any help would be appreciated - thanks.


Can the Yale app trigger flows based on who unlocks the door? For example if the cleaner opens the it turns on all the lights? They have their own code in Doorman L3. When i create the flow I cant select a user but it is shown only as a tag or something

Yes, use the source tag in the And card “if source contains cleaner” or similar.

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Hi, sorry if this is stupid question but there is no such card? Below capture from Yale App “and cards”

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