[APP] Temperature manager

An app designed for control heating (manual or automated) based on temperatures.
It basically allows you to set temperature bounds on zones and calculates min/averages/max for zones.
In addition to calculating temperatures it also allows triggering flows whenever temperatures goes outside of bounds or min/max/avg is updated.
The flows can either be used to directly control heating or, as in my case, send notification to allow me to manually trigger heating.
It also has a settings view which displays the temperature and allows settings zones as monitored (alerts will trigger), enabled (min/max/change will trigger), disabled (ignored) as well as some basic settings and such.

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New test version publishes which adds support for virtual thermometers for zones.
There are two virtual thermometers:

  1. Current values: shows you current average as well as current max/min for the given zone.
  2. Daily averages: Shows you daily averages (since last reset) as well as max/min for the given zone.
    You can get it here: https://homey.app/sv-se/app/name.medin.temperatures/Temperature-manager/test/


  • Notifications when temperatures goes out of bounds
  • Individual Bounds
  • Humidity based control

Thats the plan, so it will hopefully do that soon…
Currently it can only show that in the settings screen but adding virtual devices is on the TODO list…

// Michael Medin


Interesting app! I might have a use for it! Is it possible to also add humidity as a trigger also? Where I am along the equator with summer all year round and high humidity, the high RH can make warm feel Hot. And I actually use flow cards to fine tune my AC cooling based on humidity. Ie if humidity is more than 90 and temp is >28 degree celcius, set my AC to drying mode.

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@viix sounds like a great idea. I would put it on the Todo list below virtual devices. So maybe in a week or two…

// Michael

Nice idea!
Will be using this for sure.

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Very nice, thank you! It works fine controlling my ZXT120 which controls my air con.

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The app is now live in the appstore: https://homey.app/sv-se/app/name.medin.temperatures/Temperature-manager/ Please note this is an older version as the certification took a few days. I’ll publish a new version later today when I get home, and will update when thats live as well.
Issues in the published app which has been fixed in the github version:

  • Added never to daily reset of min/max to allow running the reset manually
  • Fixed hints dialog not hiding on click
  • Fixed moving devices and storing state across restarts
  • Fixed resetting daily max/min daily

The settings page can not be accessed. The circle is turning permanently.
please fix it quickly, I want to test the app.

The German area is very interested in the app.
We may be too impatient, but we’ve been waiting for something like that.
I hope you have time soon. :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:

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Sorry unfortunately today I spent like two hours discovering there is a third outcome besides the two documented ones for Homey.get() to retrieve application settings. The documented ones are return settings or return error. But alas if the settings you look for are not found (like if you just installed the app) the API will never call your callback at all resulting in an apparent “hang”.

Ahh, well… at least now I know about it :slight_smile:
The gist of it is that there will not be as much progress as I had hoped today…

// Michael Medin

The spinning settings dialog has been fixed and pushed to github.
I have also sent an update to the appstore so once passed review will post back here.

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New version is now live in the app store: https://homey.app/sv-se/app/name.medin.temperatures/Temperature-manager/

This fixes the “cant load settings page” as well as brings the app up-to-date with the github repo.


Works ! Thank you.

Let me know how it goes

Seems to work just fine! The app settings page is loading like it should.

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Nice, I was looking for something like this :slight_smile: This replaces LOTS of flows


Another great feature, in my opinion, would be to make the average values per zone and the average value of the entire home available as flow tokens (FlowToken).


I agree.
You could create an feature request here: https://github.com/mickem/medin.name.temperature/issues

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Great app! I just completed many flows just to turn on lights in a zone, when lumination changes to certain values. It looks like your app could provide a much more efficient platform for lumination as well.