[APP] Temperature manager

Great app! I just completed many flows just to turn on lights in a zone, when lumination changes to certain values. It looks like your app could provide a much more efficient platform for lumination as well.

Probably makes more sense to create a separate application or the complexity of the application would snowball. But I think it would be pretty simple to derive such an app from this as the core foundations are the same.

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There is allready an app called VThermo. What makes this one different/better?

Not sure about better… And definitely not an expert on how the virtual thermostat app works but the idea here is that you can get alerts regardless of zone so you dont have do a flow for each zone/device… instead have a single flow regardless of zone…

I don’t mean to be negative about the app you have created, but I think the VThermo app is easier to use. All you have to do is to add a new virtual thermostat to the room/sone you want to control and make sure you have a temp. sensor in the same room/sone + an heating device that it should control i the same room/sone. No flow needed (but you can use flow to control devices too if you want). And you can also adjust the virtual thermostat in the app, just like a normal thermostat.

I haven’t installed any heating devices to homey yet, but I’ve tested the app.


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Ahh, this is not for controlling heating devices.
I have manual control of my heating devices so I have a flow which send me a message so I can manually adjust the radiator…

So the point of the app is to execute flows when temperatures goes out of bounds…

Ok :slight_smile: my fault for not reading the full description

The VThermo app can be used for that too, but then again to add more devices to the app list might not be an improvement.

Btw: there’s controllers you can add to your radiator so you don’t have to do it manually :slight_smile:

A slight teaser of what’s to come soon…


Hi Michael_Medin! I just installed you app and it’s a great start!
I just don’t understand how to set different maxima and maxima for different zones. For example, if I’m creating an alert flow because I don’t want the temperature to exceed 15 degrees and fall below 10 degrees in my basement, but I also want my temperature to not fall below 20 degrees in my living room, the Settings don’t allow me to set different minima and maxima per different zones. Is there anything I don’t understand?

That is currently not possible (myself I only monitor the living areas and I have the same temp, setting all other zones to “enabled” to not get alerts there).
In the next version I will add a virtual thermometer which you can create for each zone.

And after that I will look into if I should put individual zone temperature bounds on the virtual thermometer or in the settings UI globally. So I want to explore a bit how to do it best before I add that feature.

Feel free to le me know what you would prefer. The upside of having it on the thermometer is that you get configuration in the regular app i.e. advanced settings and not have to make the settings dialog very complicated.
The upside of having it in the settings view is everything is in one place, but the UI will become a lot more complicated…

New test version publishes which adds support for virtual thermometers for zones.
There are two virtual thermometers:

  1. Current values: shows you current average as well as current max/min for the given zone.
  2. Daily averages: Shows you daily averages (since last reset) as well as max/min for the given zone.

You can get it here: https://homey.app/sv-se/app/name.medin.temperatures/Temperature-manager/test/

Next upp is adding individual settings for each zone as well min/max triggers for each zone.


Happy user of this app. I am though missing a few of my devices with temp sensors included. They are not showing up in the device tab: Fibaro Motion Sensors and WeatherFlow Tempest (weather station)?
A problem with this app or the Homey implementation of these devices?

Just realised that I also miss all my Aqara temperature sensors in the devices list. Is this app still maintained?

Unfortunately this doesn’t work for me, all values are the same, are you able to take a look what is wrong please?

This apps seems to be perfect for quick check of max/min over particular day…