[APP][PRO] YouLess, Enelogic, PVOutput - Belgian and Dutch P1 Smart Meter Reader

sometimes… Life is so simple… THANKS!

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Youless has released new firmware for the LS120. This enables reading of power/current/voltage for each individual phase. You can install firmware v1.5.1 via the Android/iOS youless app.

I already started work on implementing this extra information in the Homey app. I will keep you all posted once I finish my work.


Great, looking forward to it, thanks for the heads up, I learned that the poor version of the Youless app is definitely impoved, also have a better understanding of my earlier question:-) gross net usage

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version v4.3.0 is ready for testing: Youless and Enelogic | Homey

  • youless@2.7.0.
  • Added 3 phase info.
  • Changed capabilities order.

When on YouLess firmware 1.5 or higher, and a smart meter with DSMR 4 or higher, you can now enable reading of:

  • Power per phase (DSMR 4 and up)
  • Current per phase (DSMR 4 and up)
  • Voltage per phase (DSMR 5 and up)