[APP][PRO] YouLess, Enelogic, PVOutput - Belgian and Dutch P1 Smart Meter Reader

Thanks for pointing that out, thats a few verions back. i do use the same youless for reporting power from a pulse. do you know if that will still work with this Gas version?

yes it will. But the youless will not store the data. Therefor you might want to connect to another platform.

Was looking into doing this, but the Flash utility on the website is gone. only via the apps the firmware can be upgraded, but there i cannot select that version. do you know an workaround @Jan_Peeters

Yes, contact the dev via his website.

I might have some time tomorrow to add gas support to the S0 port for you. But that wouldnt be needed if you use the special gas firmware. What solution would you like to work with best?

That would be awesome @Gruijter because then i can stay on the latest firmware

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question for you @matrover : What does every gas pulse represent? Is that 1m3? or 0.001 m3? Or something else?

I would say 0,01m3 @Gruijter

Can you test the new version? (I’m unable to test it myself, so its a bit working in the dark for me :)): Youless and Enelogic | Homey

In the LS120 you need to set ‘S0 imp/kWh:’ to 100 I think.

Thnx, installed it, will report back!

New version 4.2.5 was just released as stable:

  • Added Gas meter support via LS120 S0.
  • Fixed auto discovery of LS110 / LS120
  • youless@2.6.0.
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Hi @Gruijter

The gas is working! but the readings m3/hour are a bit too high:

The Youless shows the same value but its in watts
The meter value is correct on youless, homey app and meter itself

Super! I wasnt sure what the m3/hour would do, but now I know :). I can fix that in a next release I think.

Would it be right if the value is simply divided by 1000?

oke, that sounds great.

divided by 1000 would mean 0,771 but the pulse is on every 0,01 so would it mean divided by 10000?
i dont know not really my area of expertise.

I would say devide by 1000, because watts relates to kW*h, like liter/h relates to m3, with a factor 1000.

You can check yourself: if the flow now says you use 771m3 per hour (which I believe to be actually liters per hour), and that stays constant around 771 for an hour, then your m3 will have increased with 0,77 m3 if I am right.

Gas flow is probably not that accurate anyway, since you only get a pulse every 10 liters of gas. But it should be in the correct range off course.

edit: I implemented the change in version 4.2.6. Now ready for installation :slight_smile:

Works great!

Minor thing the dot should be an comma right? and if its an comma maybe round it off a bit?:

Donated a few beers for your great work!

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Many thanks for your kind donation @matrover ! Much appreciated :beers:

I think that depends on your Homey language setting. I just set a number from my code.

Yeah, I think less decimals make sense :sweat_smile:

v4.2.7 is ready

  • Reduced decimals for gas via LS120 S0 m3/hour rate.

Hi Robin, @Gruijter
Tonight my irrigation went nuts and kept watering… I tried to build this flow:

When: This flow started
And: Water is >1L
Than: Send Alert

In that way I could have prevent myself from loosing liters of water…
I saw this is AND is not possible, any suggestions?

Why would it not be possible?

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