[APP][PRO] Yamaha AV & MusicCast Receiver

Cool !

tell me when you need info or tests :wink:

Are you using the MusicCast driver?


No, i have no receivers.

I meant which device have you added? Which icon did you select on pairing?
So if it’s no receiver it’s a MusicCast device?

I ask because I will ad zones for MusicCast devices only (for now).

I don’t know, the device is renamed with the name of my amplifier.

I think it was paired using receiver. How to check that ?

It it was in one of he first version where only one driver was available, then it was the “Receiver” now renamed as “MusicCast Receiver”.

You can check it here:

Search for your device name. Then you can take a look at the technical device details.

I have removed it and re-add it again, it worked using both options => I have 2 devices

New test version 0.3.0:

  • added zones for MusicCast receiver.
  • This zone is a “child” that can be added for an already added MusicCast receiver.
    You can add your zones 2 to 4 (dependent on receiver).
    The receiver itself represents main zone.

  • The zone will get all controls that are available in the zone. That’s based on the receiver features. That means some controls like sound program, bass, trebble can be unavailable.

  • Using the zone you can control the current input (NetRadio …). Changes for this input will take effect in other zones using the same input.

This zone device is onyl partial tested. Please report issues :slight_smile:

New test version 0.3.1:

  • added Party Mode to all receivers in button view.
    This setting is a system setting. It’s added to all devices (also zones) nevertheless, to be able to start/stop party mode from the current controlled device without switching to the main device while controlling the zone. If you change this capability, it’s changed fot the receiver itself and every zone.

Not sure whether I do something wrong or if I maybe misunderstood. I`ll describe as best as I can:

  1. I have one RX-V685 receiver that I usually use on it´s own with the TV. This AV has a Zone 2 which I usually use to link devices in (2) below so they can be use to for example listen to radio while Zone 1 is used for said TV
  2. 3x WX-021 devices distributed in the house.

I added all 1 + 3 devices above and they works just great. Then the zone addition on the app looked interesting, so I add one MultiCast Receiver Zone device, all 4 devices comes up. I then select the RX-V685 and Continue. Next I see the RX-V685 zone 2 icon and select. The device is then added as a (second) RX-V685 as expected. The only problem is that this device has controls but none of them are working (nor from flows).

Everything seem to go as expected but the control is not working. Did I understand the function incorrectly?


Hi Samuel,

I think all is working as expected.
If you can control your speaker as MusicCast device independent from your receiver, then perhaps they are linked to your receiver but ac as independent devices.

I have only one receiver used only for main zone. For me, the second zone is only useable when I assign the amplifier to zone 2.
And that’s the same behaviour like using the remote. If the amplifier is assigned to main zone I can control it with the rc. After assining the amplifier to zone2, I can control it with the rc after switching to zone2. And I can control it with the zone device via Homey.

Perhaps the zone control is mainly used if the speaker are connected to a zone output at the receiver.

I don’t know how the zones are working in detail. I just used the API parameters to send requests for a zone instead of main zone :blush:

I hope someone else can test the zones, too, and give some feedback.

New test version 0.3.4

  • added play info for streaming sources (spotify, deezer…).
    Please report if there are services not showing play info and play/pause state.
  • Fixed album art issue on HomeyPro23

Hi @RonnyW,

Thank you for the new Yamaha receiver app! I would really like to use this. At this moment I’m using the old Yamaha app in conjunction with an even older VERA3 Z-wave hub that contains a still working DLNA app.

I use this DLNA app to send mp3 stream url’s to my receiver (which only works with the old YamahaRemoteControl API) and together with the old Yamaha app I’m able to listen to my favourite radio station streams and have this controlled/automated by Homey.

Buggy as it may seem it actually works quite well. But off course I’m looking for a more future-proof way by cutting out the VERA3 Z-wave hub and your app may just be that.

I would like to make a feature request though, if that is all right: a flow card with which you can send the URL of a mp3 stream to the receiver, like I do now with the DLNA app on my old VERA3 hub.

I hope this is possible and off course I am willing to assist in any way, but alas I am not a developer :face_with_peeking_eye:

I did not get it completely. So let me ask…

  • What Api supports your receiver? Only YamahaRemoteControl or is it already MusicCast ready?
  • Have you tried my app? You can install both apps. So you can try to add the receiver as MusicCast device or AV receiver - to check what’s supported.

The MusicCast API has no command to send URLs. I think that’s a DLNA only thing. I need to check if the old API supports this, but I can’t remember such commands.

Hi Ronny,

  • My receiver supports only the YamahaRemoteControl API, it is not MusicCast ready.
  • I have installed your app and it can replace the old Yamaha app in my current set up without any problems.

But I need more functionality then your app currently offers. Because I want to fase out the old VERA3 Z-Wave hub I am looking for an alternative way to play mp3 streams on my receiver, preferably by sending mp3 stream url’s to the receiver.

This offers extended functionality for other users too, as it makes it possible for example to play tts messages on the Yamaha receiver.

However if this is not an option maybe it is possible to select NETRADIO stations with a flow card?


here it is:

You need to store a Netradio favorite as preset using a preset number.

  • select a netradio favorite
  • press memory button for 3(?) seconds
  • select a preset number
  • press memory button again to store

With this preset number you can recall your netradio station.
Same you can do with tuner presets.

I’ll look at the API for URL streams but I don’t think it’s possible with the API.

I noticed that card, but thought it was a card for the MusicCast receiver. As far as I know it is not possible to create a preset for a NETRADIO bookmark. I had never heard of your trick before but tried it right away off course. Unfortunately it does not work with my ancient RX-S600 receiver :cry:

I’m curious why it wouldn’t work to play mp3 URL’s. It works right now with a different app and it isn’t really that different from playing a stream in NETRADIO. So thank you for looking in to it!

Presets is the best way to deal with these favorites. Because presets you can change, delete, move… instead of rhe favorute list which is really ugly without sort function.

What kind of MP3 do you stream? Local files from a NAS or something from a DLNA server?

Neither. (EDIT): No, I must say both. But in this case I’m asking about MP3 streams from radio stations, like this one:


If you are after selecting NET_RADIO as default in your favorite list (shoud be the case if you previously selected a station from favorites), you can try this:

Use this flow action card:

Use this content:

<YAMAHA_AV cmd="PUT"><NET_RADIO><List_Control><Direct_Sel>Line_1</Direct_Sel></List_Control></NET_RADIO></YAMAHA_AV>

This calls the first entry in favorite list. :crossed_fingers:
You can change the number to call another list item. But this works only for entries visilbe on the first page. As I said, favorites are only accessible via menu :frowning: