[APP][Pro] Xiaomi Mi Home App

2023-04-02 - v3.1.18 - TEST

Development has been transferred to a new developer. This release is a complete rewrite of the app including many breaking changes. The app has been fully rewritten using SDK3 and has been tested with Homey Pro 2023 to make it futureproof. This new version also merged the devices from the Mi Homey community app. Some previously paired devices might continu to work but please re-pair your devices and/or fix your flows before reporting any issue. If the issue persists after re-pair please report it on the community forum or Github.

I have just published a new test version to the test channel of the app store and Iā€™m looking for people to properly test this version as it will contain bugs. As the release also contains breaking changes the only way to properly test it if you encounter an issue is by re-pairing the device and/or fix your flows and test if the issues still persists. If so, please report it here or preferably on Github .

If you want to go back to the live version you will have to re-pair and/or fix your flows again as both versions are not fully back- and forwards compatible.

Updates in 3.1.18

  • Added extra mappings for vacuum cleaner states, for instance zoned cleaning and segmented cleaning now also sets the vacuumcleaner state to cleaning.
  • Make right switch condition and action cards for Aqara 2-channel relay (relay_c2acn01) available
  • Removed alarm duration setting from Aqara 2-channel relay (relay_c2acn01)
  • Added inverted setting for Zigbee subdevice contact sensor and curtain drivers
  • Replaced specific dreame.vacuum.x driver by a generic driver that supports much more dreame.vacuum.x models. The deprecated drivers will be removed once this generic driver is stable

The test version can be installed through this link: Xiaomi Mi Home | Homey

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