[APP][Pro] Xiaomi mi flora sensor/ropot app

Hi, just got me some sensors I thougt was Mi Flora, but when received it shows HHCC on them and they work with the android app Flower Care. I can’t find the Mi Flora phone app in the Store. Is this the same brand, just rebranded? Will they work with your Homey app?


Indeed it’s the same brand, and they’ll work in homey (2019 that is, seems to still be problems on the 2023 model due to their Bluetooth module :frowning:)

Hi, when I realized that I had to exclude them from the android app first, then I had no issue to include them to HP23, but afterwards they did not update. So as you said seems to be an issue with the Bluetooth module on HP23, unfortunately. I have include them into the android app again while await update from Athom.

I suggest to use the search bar?

There is a difference between Homey apps and phone apps. It was the android app Mi Flora I could not find in the store. It is called Flower Care now. Hence my question.
The instruction in Homey Mi Flora app could be updated to reflect the new name of Flower Care.


I know, I didn’t read it too well apparently, my bad!

is there a possibility to crowfund the integration of Flower Care app directly into homey?

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I’ve just published to the store:


  • added alarm capabilities when the capabilities are out of range

Hi there,

I have the same problem. Had no problems adding the devices though :slight_smile: